If There was a “War on Women”, I’d be on the Frontline

Disclaimer: I hate to discuss “social issues” on my blog because a lot of times it is emotional, personal issue & intertwined in faith & religion. However, I have felt very strongly about this issue particularly since I feel it’s making my gender look bad.

Women, I know we love to dwell on stuff. But seriously though can we quit this talk of “War on Women”?

First of all it’s non-existent; we’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Some politicians said some things that were taken out of context. No one in their right mind is going to take away birth control. Yes, there is talk of defunding Planned Parenthood. So what if they do. It will still exist and you can always go to your county health clinic and receive the same amount of care. If you aren’t too proud to get free birth control at PP then your local county health clinic shouldn’t bother you either. As for insurance providers opting out of providing it, so what, that’s their prerogative and their business decision. If ObamaCare didn’t exist this wouldn’t even be an issue. A downfall of a single payer system, limited options for you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Second of all, conservatives aren’t the ones degrading women. Liberals and other women are. Yes, Rush Limbaugh used a derogatory word, he apologized. Anyone listening to him that day, which I was, knows he was using absurdity to show how ridiculous the actual situation was. Seriously, we have more pressing issues like the economy, jobs & some wars. However, democrats & liberals in congress wish to bring out an old issue, such as women’s rights to health care in order to stall.

Also wasn’t it degrading to women when Monica Lewinsky was found underneath the president’s desk? Have we not progressed enough in the professional field that we have to perform sex acts to advance our career? Or how about Bill Maher continually calling Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachman derogatory names and running them down. Aren’t they women too? Or because they’re conservative they don’t count?

I consider myself a feminist because my gender has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to. I have never felt less of a human being because I was a woman nor have I ever let anyone make me feel that way. Ladies, quit letting politicians and other mouth pieces, liberal or conservative make you feel less than what you are.

The “War on Women” is what you make it. I say don’t make it anything. Go out in the world and be bold, go be a CEO of a company, which will show any actual women haters out there, what we are really capable of.

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  1. Cinda K Hise

    Or be the best Stay-at-home wife/mother! Focus on raising your children to be strong leaders!

  2. “I consider myself a feminist because my gender has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to. I have never felt less of a human being because I was a woman nor have I ever let anyone make me feel that way. Ladies, quit letting politicians and other mouth pieces, liberal or conservative make you feel less than what you are.”

    I don’t know ANY feminist could argue that represents success. Unless their politics get in the way…

  3. Charles

    I am trying to stay out of this fray for all the reasons you mentioned. My thought is that every time I have let someone else pay for something for me I have lost some control. Borrow money = lose some control, borrow money from the government = lose even more control, let mom and dad pay for it = lose control, use public health care card = lose control , etc, etc.. There is a tongue in cheak saying “The golden rule is: He who has got the gold makes the rules” It has proven true in my life. Why this rush of women that say they want to be independant and that no one has a right to their womb etc, want to have someone else pay for their health care/contraceptives is beyond my current understanding. If they get what they want they will lose some of the control they have fought for for a generation

    • Interesting isn’t it? Thanks for the comment!

    • I could not agree more. I will never understand that the very same people who cry foul about the legislation sign up for the hand outs. It makes no sense to me. Fine, go be independent, but don’t make a fuss, only to not make the connection between government mandated healthcare laws, and government sponsored healthcare.

      • Yep! Healthcare IMO is a personal issue. What you choose to do or not do your body is between you & it and if you believe in a higher power he’s included in the discussion as well. However if you want someone to pay for it, well, they get included in the discussion as well. 🙂

  4. Any women who needs an abortion and might have been subject to a transvaginal probe and/or a sonogram might disagree. The world is filled with feminists who do not have children and will never become a CEO. Every time a male politician makes some decision about how some new and invasive law should rule a woman’s body, we have a problem. Sneering at women who do fight doesn’t help. Just because you personally are fine doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    • You’re right some women will not have children and never be a CEO but if they wanted to they could. Politicians should not be making decisions on women’s body, they should not be making decisions on anybody’s healthcare. However, when you let someone else pay for something eventually they’re going have an opinion on how you’re doing what they’re paying for. This why government should not be involved in healthcare.

    • Hailey

      As a woman, wouldn’t you rather make in informed decision about the life-altering decision you’re about to make? I hardly think a sonogram seems invasive when you’re choosing to surgically remove a life from your uterus. A very poor time to be turning a blind eye…

      • BP

        Even a sonogram that penetrates you, when there are other options available???

      • Nate

        Why would a female who is raped want to be raped again by her own doctor mandated by the government because they don’t feel that a woman can make the choice herself? I don’t think its up to you to decide for another person what they need to do before making a life altering choice. What is next you are going to tell people how to mourn the loss of a loved one if they aren’t doing it the right way? Are you going to force women to take classes in marriage before they agree to it? Are you going to have government mandated classes before starting a career to make sure you made the correct choice? I thought that this was the supposed party of small government? Facts 1 Koolaid 0

        Are you also in favor of the law to force doctors to lie to women to discourage them from making an informed choice? Are you in favor of forcing all women to provide their medical records to their employer so he can see if you are a “slut” or not? Do you enjoy your employer telling you that the medicine you need for a disease won’t be covered by your health insurance because he fears you may use it to have casual sex whilst passing out viagra pills to your coworkers who are knowingly using them for just that purpose?

        Yes the rhetoric of “war on women” is over the top but if you don’t find anything remotely wrong with all the bull going down in our “free” country then you have been trained to be submissive to men. Of course you don’t think anything is wrong. You do realize that when they say war they mean that in the figurative sense right there are not actual women fighting and dying. I am not sure if they let girls into schools where you live or not.

        disgusted independent conservative

  5. BP

    Wait, what? You think Democrats are the instigators of dredging up women’s reproductive health care issues? I believe any and all recent legislation calling to limit reproductive health care are Republican driven.

    In our household, taxpayers do not pick up my wife’s monthly birth control bill, her insurer does. And I assume they are happy to do so, as childbirth alone comes with a $9,000 tab. I have two beautiful daughters whom I love with all my heart, but I still am fortunate to have a family-planning option like this for two consenting, legally married adults. Please explain how this is immoral or makes me a bad person and I will gladly listen.

    I hope my daughters will someday enter a workplace where they can even hope to earn equal wages. (Currently, women earn about 77% of what their male counterpart earns.) Forget Rush calling a women a prostitute, slut and whore — and even if he’s joking, I hope you recognize that’s just awful.

    I hope and think we BOTH agree that NO WOMAN should be diminished because of her gender. So I hope you will take a cold, hard look at just who is doing the diminishing…

    • I don’t believe I ever said that contraception was wrong or immoral. The point of this post was 1) Government should not be involved in healthcare and 2) If you want the government to pay for something eventually they will have an opinion about it and what a say on “how it’s done.”

      I agree no one should ever be diminished because of their gender. As to who is diminishing women, well I am sure there are guilty parties on both sides of the aisle. However the double standard that exists when it comes to “who’s to blame” is outrageous. The Kennedy’s, Clinton & Bill Maher, to name a few, can get away with degrading women but yet one conservative talk show host makes an ill word choice to make a point about absurdity and you want his head.

      I’ll take a cold hard look for sure but don’t tell me that double standard is ok.

  6. It is sooooooo refreshing to read a discussion that recognizes that we have many more pressing issues to worry about than some drummed up hooey about a war on feminism. Today our “president” revealed what we all knew anyway–that he will let go of the reins completely IF he is re-elected. So there we have our #1 challenge–send him into retirement.

  7. To put it simply, its can vs. should. Is it right for you to be allowed to use birth control if you want, yes. Should you if your only reason is you want to sleep around (or with the same person) as much as you want, you shouldn’t. No, but it wouldn’t be right either for the government to outlaw it. Could Romney as governor put into an individual mandate into state law under the 10th amendment? Yes, but he should have known better that that was bad policy and should not have done it.

  8. Shelly Boshart

    Very well said. Take control of your own destiny. I, for one, have never let my gender hold me back from anything I wanted to do. Embrace it and use what you got! I’m living proof that women can survive and succeed in a “man’s world.” And, amen on the “prerogative and their business decision” – this is a free market people. If it makes business sense and there is a market for it – “it” – whatever “it” is – WILL exist. That is the beauty of a free market society. Kudos on tackling an issue that remains taboo for some reason in this day and age. And, if someone is making ANY woman feel like the “lesser sex”, than get that person out of your life. Period.

  9. missinformed

    Miami County, KS just took away funding for birth control at all free health clinics.

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