Farmers Have Fun

Farming is not considered a relaxing profession. However we still manage to squeeze a bit of fun in especially during harvest when it is a must!


This photo was taken today, we are still trying to figure out this grass straw baling business. FYI this is not what it’s supposed to look like.


“I’m in a Field”

This video is from neighbors about 20 miles north of us. Yes, I said neighbors because we’re headquartered in the same county. Video is a parody of “I’m on a Boat

When asked about why they responded with “3 young fellas explain what it’s like when they are fortunate enough to be able to work yet another summer “in a field” for Boshart Trucking. Safety meetings, Kevin Costner, daisy dukes and just a few items involved in the summer at Boshart Trucking. Hold on to your Romeo’s because this summer just got interesting…”

“Farming & I Grow It”

These Kansas brothers have become a YouTube sensation. I first viewed their video at 229 views the next day it hit a million! Go Peterson Bros! It is a parody of “Sexy & I Know It”

The brothers “…made the video to give people a better perspective of farmers. It started as just a silly idea, but it turned into quite an undertaking. But it has been worth it now that so many people have seen it! When we filmed it we wanted to make sure agriculture was promoted. In the original “Sexy and I know it” they spend the whole song promoting themselves. We wanted to shift the focus to agriculture! Agriculture is vital to society!”

Farmers are fun people, you should be friends with us!

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