Blog Overhaul — In progress

I admire people who go above and beyond to help others be successful.   It truly takes a special type of person.

Judi Graff is one of these types of people. She loves to help people like me figure out how to make their blog better.

During the month of March a few of us joined what I like to call a “Blog Boot Camp”.  Like most boot camps (usually fitness oriented) my participation dwindled at the end.  However unlike my workout routine,  I will still work at blog improvement using the tips I learned and continue to reference the secret “Blog Overhaul” Facebook group.

Through her suggestions and instructions I have revamped my “About” page, added a “Contact” page and cleaned up my side bar.  I will continue to work on how the blog appears to a readers’ eye along with making behind the scenes adjustments to draw additional traffic.

I have learned blogging doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to know what you’re doing.  🙂

People like Judi Graff help make blogging easier.  Thanks Judi for all you do!

Read more about the Blog Overhaul and blogs & bloggers involved on Janice Person’s blog:  How Do You Make Your Blog Better? Time, Effort & Shared Expertise”


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  2. You now have a more sleek blog. It focuses more on the content now. Excellent job.

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