Why did I plan a Wedding in 3 months?

First of all I apologize that I have not written a lot about agriculture or farm things as of late.  My brain has been a tad bit preoccupied with my pending nuptials. I believe it’s called Wedding Brain.

Some curious minds may wonder why I planned a wedding in 3 months.  I heard murmurings as to why but NO I am NOT pregnant.

Here is why:

1) I am a farmer.  There is only about 4-5 months out the year we can get married.  January is one of them. The other months are November, December, May, maybe February and maybe June.  The last two are weather dependent.  Any other month we have fertilizing, spraying, harvest, field work and planting.

Also, ever since I was a little kid my dad made a strict rule that we could not ever get married during harvest, so a summer wedding was immediately out.

On the farm we may have the usual winter projects & maintenance, but we also get married in the winter.  My grandparents got married at the end of December, my parents and the end of November, my sister at the beginning of December and now me in January. :) All different years of course.

2) We also have to avoid hunting season.

3) I wanted a destination wedding. If I cannot get married in Oregon when it’s warm, then I am going where it’s warm.  This was really the only time of the year that it was ideal and I could be gone for two weeks. Again see reason number 1.

Destination Wedding

4) I am impatient. I like to get things done, efficiently & timely.  I don’t like to mess around with details.  And if I do have to deal with details I don’t like to dwell on them for too long.  He proposed so let’s get this thing done.  Sure it caused a bit of hurry & stress in some (or a lot) aspects of my life.  But honestly doesn’t that happen whether it’s 6 months or a year?

But for mostly reason #1 and #4 that’s why I planned a wedding in three months.

Again I am sorry for not posting more about agriculture.  “Wedding Brain” is a serious condition.

However, here’s a video of our latest ditching machine. We have to make ditches in our fields so the water can run off.  Otherwise many of our fields would be a giant mud puddle.  We try to make ditches when things are dry but cannot always get to them before the rain.



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11 Responses to Why did I plan a Wedding in 3 months?

  1. Pamela Smith

    Anyone that can combine wedding plans with a ditching machine in the same blog is of perfectly sound and practical mind!

  2. I agree with Pamela’s comment! Haha. I also think it is a convenient excuse to go somewhere warm when you’re a farmer! You’re right, who has the time during warm weather? Too much to do!

  3. Hi, there! I’m a new reader here and have enjoyed browsing your blog! I love agriculture, but I really enjoy weddings, too! I can’t wait to see a wedding post!

  4. I don’t think you are crazy at all! We got married in January as well for all the same reasons as you, except #4. Tim didn’t propose until November, so it was a little late to have a winter wedding. I had to wait 14 months to get married. Lets just say, by the end I would have rather just went to city hall. That long of an engagement doesn’t bring out the best in your family.
    Best wishes on your wedding!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you at the end of the month.

  5. Nice writeup, I came here expecting to read an #Ag story and I got one with a difference. I also agree with Pamela, the way you changed the topic from wedding planning to your ditching machine for your field was awesome…I have indeed learnt a lot I’ll apply in my newest blog posts!

  6. Emily L.

    I planned mine in 6 weeks for pretty much the exact same reasons. We’ll celebrate 14 years in August!

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