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My good friend Shelly Boshart Davis has been chosen as the Northwest Farm Mom of the year by America’s Farmers!

Shelly now has an opportunity to be come America’s Farm Mom with your votes!

2015 Farm Mom Nominee

2015 Farm Mom Nominee

The Northwest Farm Mom lives in Albany, Oregon with her husband Geoff and their three girls Kyndall, Ashlynn & Sam. Growing up on her family’s grass seed farm she now works alongside her family in their farm, trucking & straw export businesses. Her speciality is working with their straw customers overseas.

The recent West Coast Port Crisis consumed a lot of Shelly’s time, yet she still managed to coach volleyball in the evenings & on the weekends. She continued to be involved with numerous organizations during this time such as United Way Linn County, Oregon Women for Agriculture and Oregon Agribusiness Council. As well in her very spare moments found time to go to the Oregon Legislature to protect her family’s business by testifying in the many hearings on bills that would impact all of us, not just her.

In all her activities her children are never far behind. What a better civics lesson than experiencing it for yourself? She strives to be a good role model for her daughters. Shelly makes sure they know the value of passion and hard work.

She is also a really good friend. Shelly listens, encourages and inspires those around her.  Her “can do” attitude is a motivator for me to never quit or give up when times get discouraging.

Shelly Boshart Davis tirelessly advocates for Oregon Farmers while providing her daughters with a farm life that most only wish they knew.

Faith, family, friends and farming are her priorities and that’s why she deserves to be America’s Farm Mom! Please help me to make her America’s Farm Mom by voting for her every day! Vote here:

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