Oregon Under Attack By an Arrogant Government

Oregon is under attack by the arrogance of an out of control government, federally and statewide.

How Did #OregonUnderAttack get here? 

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to make examples out of a ranching family, The Hammonds, from Diamond, Oregon in the Southeast corner of the state.  The BLM tried to get them on all kinds of trumped-up charges and in the end they were found guilty to burning 140 acres of federal land.

Of course this “illegal” fire was lit in order to save their cattle’s winter feed. However a farmer and ranchers means of livelihood means very little to the federal agency with a political agenda. These 140 acres  made them “Domestic Terrorists” in the eyes of US Government.  This article gives a great background: “Where’s there Smoke” 

Funny how our government can easily label ranchers as terrorists for trying to save cattle that feed people but yet are reluctant call to actual terrorists, “terrorists”.

Government Arrogance

The federal government “owns” 53% of Oregon’s land. The Hammond’s case highlights the decades of government arrogance Oregon ranchers face when trying to responsibly manage the land.  The land is a rancher’s livelihood, their number one priority is to take care of it.

Federal Government dominates land in the West.

Federal Government dominates land in the West.

The government likes step in, push ranchers aside so they can manage a situation “better.”  However, the 2015 fire season has multiple examples of government arrogance making a bad situation worse. Each time the government steps in, it costs the taxpayers millions of dollars and more is lost than saved. Pure Arrogance.

Oregon Under Attack 

  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to take our ranching, farming, logging and mining rights away.
  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to see every bit of Rural Oregon turned into a park.
  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to see a fish or a bird saved before a human.
  • Oregon is under attack by incompetent politicians and bloated bureaucracies who have no understanding rural Oregon’s way of life.

The militia group who has taken over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters are not attacking Oregon. They are sending a very loud message that people in the Western United States are fed up with US Government’s mismanagement of the people’s land. All they really want is the federal land to be turned back over to the ranchers, farmers, loggers and miners. Seems like a good idea to me.

Learn More About the Hammond’s:

Karen Budd Falen


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19 Responses to Oregon Under Attack By an Arrogant Government

  1. Kathy H

    The really ridiculous part is, in court, a BLM official admitted the 140 acres were in better shape after the burn. Vindictive government agency that wants that land so bad they can taste it, & willing to destroy this family to do it. #standwiththehammonds

  2. The Federal government in this country has a LONG history of bullying small family ranchers, loggers, farmers, etc., around with a bureaucrat’s sledge hammer, And they do it with the full backing of a government with unlimited resources, compared with the small family-run farm. Our family, in the Fort Klamath area, has had to deal with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, the US Fish and Wildlife, and lately, the water Nazi’s eco-terrorists trying to kill farming and ranching in the Klamath Basin. This has been happening for at least the past 110 years!

    • Marie Bowers

      Yet it takes the action of radicals to get any attention drawn to it.

      • I wonder if we are being baited to draw us (small conservative farmers, ranchers, etc.) into a fight that will enable an overwhelming change in the whole fabric of our country. The Hammonds were, after all, convicted under terrorism laws weren’t they?

  3. Darren malone

    That statement is not factual. The animas river where the eps spill occurred in Colorado. Every place has drinking water. For about three weeks some places had issues, but everywhere else it was fine… I was in near the gold mine where the spill took place a week prior, and have been recently. They are cleaning it up.

    • Marie Bowers

      So I am unclear…there were drinking water issues or there were not? You seem to contradict yourself.

      The overall point is that the EPA did more damage to the environment than the Hammonds ever did.

    • The Federal Government tends to run roughshod over anyone or any entity they believe will roll over and piddle on themselves, with the means of controlling small farmers, ranchers, loggers and other individual and family run businesses. Large mega-corporations have much more in the way of resources to control the government, and can effectively control the government to their advantage. The government gets away with much more than either, because they can hide their mistakes, they can cover their trail easier and even when their mistakes are exposed, have easier ways of changing the focus. The Animas River pollution will not go away easily. Heavy metals will remain in the local ecosystem for decades, and as they make their way downstream into the Colorado River water system, will be a menace to all users of that system. The EPA have used much smaller mining mistakes to put small miners into desolation for the rest of their lives. I live downstream from that Animas River disaster and I keep tabs on it.

    • Mattclayton

      You drink the water then, and don’t forget to give plenty to your thirsty children too.

  4. Karla Campbell

    Obama needs to issue an immediate pardon to end this ridiculousness!!!

  5. Chandler

    What about the poaching and killing of a number of deer that they were trying to cover up. One of the witness’ against them was a relative that admitted the purpose of the fire was a cover up. You speak as if it is alright to not pay for leased land. Can I rent your house and never pay you? Dumb ass. Give back the land to the real owners, the Indians to whom the ranchers ripped it off in the first place.

    • Marie Bowers

      Considering that poaching claim was discredited through other’s testimony and the judge realized the relative was bitter about something else they were not found guilty of it.

      And I think you are confusing the Hammonds’ case with the Bundy case. As far as I know, the Hammonds have paid their grazing fees, the Bundy’s did not.

      When you give land “back” to people who have no idea how to manage it or make a living on it you are ensuring a disaster. See how well that’s worked out for Zimbabwe.

      • Josh

        First, they are native americans, not Indians.

        Second, which tribe are you going to give it back to? Are they then going to give it back to the tribe who had it before them? Dinesh D’souza had a pretty awesome breakdown of this viewpoint. Everyone wants to give away what they don’t own, but no one wants to make the personal sacrifice when it comes down to it, no one wants to put their money where their mouth is so to speak. Eg, well the feds won’t give their land back to the native americans, so to help fight this injustice and bring the universe back into balance, I’ll give them my house/land, and try to persuade others to do the same.

        No one does that though. Instead they take the high road of hypocrisy, and try to give away everyone else’s stuff while clinging to their own.

  6. I remember hiking in the late 1990s in southern Colorado. The Alamosa river was tainted with the waste from a mine reclaim process which went bad as a result of “cutting corners” or having amateurs do the job! This was the Summitville mine by Wolf creek pass. This is just one of many examples of screw ups by the large corporations and/or the government.

  7. Lisa

    Not to mention the distruction of structures, homes and loss of cattle by blm fires set intentionally to burn these and other ranchers out …

  8. Brad

    Great little piece on what is happening. Support from Indiana.

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