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The Sunshine Sprint

The last two springs the sunshine has been abundant. We were able to get done with our spring fertilizing by mid March. But this year the sunshine has been hit and miss. Since January we have had 20 inches of rain and nearly 8 inches in March.

Now every time the sun shines for more than a day we sprint to get everything done that we can in good weather!

We had a brief break in the rain in February. We were able to fertilize our wheat and plant Austrian Winter Peas and turf type fescue during this period.

Me planting Peas at the end of February


Peas are coated to protect from disease & pests

But then the rain came back and decided to dump another two inches this month.

Currently, we have a stretch of good weather in front of us. We have to get as much done as possible while it lasts. Basically, the sunshine sprint.

I started the week fertilizing the peas that I planted the month before during the nice weather. Now my husband is working on fertilizing annual ryegrass while I drive truck.

Let’s hope the stretch of nice weather lasts for a bit. Things need to waken up, dry out and grow!


Fertilizer Buggy


Marie Bowers

Typically my husband runs the buggy, but he was sick at the beginning of the week. I do love driving equipment!

Marie Bowers

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Oregon Under Attack By an Arrogant Government

Oregon is under attack by the arrogance of an out of control government, federally and statewide.

How Did #OregonUnderAttack get here? 

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to make examples out of a ranching family, The Hammonds, from Diamond, Oregon in the Southeast corner of the state.  The BLM tried to get them on all kinds of trumped-up charges and in the end they were found guilty to burning 140 acres of federal land.

Of course this “illegal” fire was lit in order to save their cattle’s winter feed. However a farmer and ranchers means of livelihood means very little to the federal agency with a political agenda. These 140 acres  made them “Domestic Terrorists” in the eyes of US Government.  This article gives a great background: “Where’s there Smoke” 

Funny how our government can easily label ranchers as terrorists for trying to save cattle that feed people but yet are reluctant call to actual terrorists, “terrorists”.

Government Arrogance

The federal government “owns” 53% of Oregon’s land. The Hammond’s case highlights the decades of government arrogance Oregon ranchers face when trying to responsibly manage the land.  The land is a rancher’s livelihood, their number one priority is to take care of it.

Federal Government dominates land in the West.

Federal Government dominates land in the West.

The government likes step in, push ranchers aside so they can manage a situation “better.”  However, the 2015 fire season has multiple examples of government arrogance making a bad situation worse. Each time the government steps in, it costs the taxpayers millions of dollars and more is lost than saved. Pure Arrogance.

Oregon Under Attack 

  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to take our ranching, farming, logging and mining rights away.
  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to see every bit of Rural Oregon turned into a park.
  • Oregon is under attack from those who wish to see a fish or a bird saved before a human.
  • Oregon is under attack by incompetent politicians and bloated bureaucracies who have no understanding rural Oregon’s way of life.

The militia group who has taken over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters are not attacking Oregon. They are sending a very loud message that people in the Western United States are fed up with US Government’s mismanagement of the people’s land. All they really want is the federal land to be turned back over to the ranchers, farmers, loggers and miners. Seems like a good idea to me.

Learn More About the Hammond’s:

Karen Budd Falen


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What day is it? Grass Seed Harvest 2015 

Grass seed harvest 2015 is zooming along. 

Harvest started about a week early & every variety of grass seed seemed to ripen at once. We cut the majority of our acres in a matter of 5 busy days. 


In a typical year we start combining grass seed somewhere between July 1-4. This year we were thrashing grass on June 26th! 

We combined all of the forage & turf type fescue except two fields. Then we headed to our farm that is South of Eugene on July 5th, which as far as dad can remember, this is a record. 


FYI if you are not familiar with C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” then you are missing out. It is our theme song for any time we make a long distance journey in the machinery. Our farm, Camas Swale, South of Eugene is 25 miles away from our “home base”, but it also makes up 1/3 of the entire farm. 

It’s the middle of July and harvest is halfway through. Just seems unreal.

It’s not unusual for me to lose track of the days during harvest. However when I ask “What day is it?” I still find it hard to believe it’s only the middle of July & not the end. 

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