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The Sunshine Sprint

The last two springs the sunshine has been abundant. We were able to get done with our spring fertilizing by mid March. But this year the sunshine has been hit and miss. Since January we have had 20 inches of rain and nearly 8 inches in March.

Now every time the sun shines for more than a day we sprint to get everything done that we can in good weather!

We had a brief break in the rain in February. We were able to fertilize our wheat and plant Austrian Winter Peas and turf type fescue during this period.

Me planting Peas at the end of February


Peas are coated to protect from disease & pests

But then the rain came back and decided to dump another two inches this month.

Currently, we have a stretch of good weather in front of us. We have to get as much done as possible while it lasts. Basically, the sunshine sprint.

I started the week fertilizing the peas that I planted the month before during the nice weather. Now my husband is working on fertilizing annual ryegrass while I drive truck.

Let’s hope the stretch of nice weather lasts for a bit. Things need to waken up, dry out and grow!


Fertilizer Buggy


Marie Bowers

Typically my husband runs the buggy, but he was sick at the beginning of the week. I do love driving equipment!

Marie Bowers

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The Mack

It has been busy.  The sun came out and we started fertilizing like mad.  In fact we are over two-thirds done. However it has started raining which has put us on hold for a while.

Tristan (the husband) runs the fertilizing buggy and I am head truck driver.

Game camera catches Tristan

Game camera catches Tristan fertilizing fescue

Both fertilizer trucks are yellow cabovers with powerbins. I prefer the 13 speed 1979 International however I have found myself more often than not in the 1977 5 speed Mack.

The Mack was the first truck I ever drove. Before it was a fertilizer truck it was a water truck for when we used to burn fields.

One day about 10 years or so ago my dad says, “Marie I need you to take a water truck down to Camas Swale.”  Me, “I don’t know how to drive truck.”

I got two lessons up & down our road with J-Man our family bulldog on the back and then I was sent down the road. I could shift to higher gears easily enough but downshifting, not so much.  I got to where I was going and kissed the ground. And like any good farm dad he told me “Don’t tell your mom or grandma.”

Today, The Mack is a good fertilizer truck, she does her job but she has a few quirks.

  • Mold growing on steering wheel
  • Mouse House, which bounces down on me every time I hit a bump
  • Outside door handle doesn’t work so you can’t shut the door if you are not in it
  • Smoke comes out of dash once in a while

Although I am fairly certain every farm & ranch has a truck/tractor like The Mack.  A rig that serves its purpose faithfully but has a couple of quirks.



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