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Farmer Firefighters

The neighbor farmer had a fire this week. It was the first fire of Harvest 2016 and probably will not be the last. The farmer firefighters arrived quickly to help out.

I was cutting a turf type fescue field when I turned the corner and saw smoke. I immediately¬†called my dad and then my uncle. My dad was not near our truck. However my uncle was near his and when I said “Fire” and where it was he responded with “On our way!”

Farmer Firefighters

View from the edge of our Fescue field right after it started

All local farmers have at least one water truck. Our hot dry summers and crisp dry grass straw increase the fire risk. Our water trucks are the best insurance to protect our crops and equipment.

Farmer Firefighters

Our Water Truck, I love this truck.

Farmer Firefighters

My Uncle’s Water truck


The farmer of the field was already heading down the lane with his water truck. My uncle was the next to arrive. The fire department didn’t arrive until at least 10 minutes after my uncle.

The local fire departments are volunteer. It takes some time for them to get on their way. This is not a criticism, it is just the way it is.

Often times the farmers have the fire under control or out by the time the departments arrive. Farmer firefighters are crucial to our rural farming communities. When possible we help protect our neighbors’ equipment and crops.


Farmer Firefighters

View from my windrower

Farmer Firefighters

The view from the other side. We were concerned it was near our wheat field.

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